Senator Scott Wilk Announces Committee Assignments

Named Vice Chair of Senate Education, Governmental Organization and Rules Committees

SACRAMENTO – Senator Scott Wilk, representing the 21st Senate District, announced today his appointment to serve as the Vice Chair for the Senate Committees on Education, Governmental Organization and Rules.

“California is facing unprecedented challenges – homelessness, wildfires, and economic devastation. The high cost of living has forced far too many people into homelessness, the governor’s on-again, off-again, shut down orders have wreaked havoc on our economy and our schools,” said Wilk. “I am very pleased to be assigned to committees that will look at these issues and work to craft solutions to the problems that make California so difficult for so many.”

The Senate Education Committee hears bills relating to K-12 and higher education.

“The issues facing our schools, students and families have never been more critical.  Distance learning – or lack thereof – is creating challenges for students up and down the state,” said Wilk. “The pandemic is also exposing the stark differences in our school systems and the limited choices the state provides parents to decide what is the best school for their child.”

Wilk will continue his assignment as the Vice Chair of the 5-member Senate Rules Committee. The committee is considered the most influential assignment in the Senate and membership must be confirmed by a vote of the full Senate.

The Rules Committee is responsible for vetting hundreds of key gubernatorial appointments and serves as the key committee in the Senate’s role of “advice and consent.”  It also has jurisdiction over proposed amendments and rules that govern the Senate as well as all other matters relating to the business of the Legislature.

In addition, Wilk will serve as a member of the Committees on Budget & Fiscal Review, Business and Professions, Energy and Transportation. Wilk will also be a member of the Joint Committee on Art & Entertainment, and the Joint Committee on Rules.