Senator Scott Wilk to Co-Chair Legislative Problems Solvers Caucus

Senator Scott Wilk, representing the 21st Senate District, announces he will Co-Chair the Legislative Problem Solvers Caucus with Senator Josh Newman, D-Fullerton. The caucus was created by a group of legislators committed more to progress than to ideology.

“Californians could care less which political party comes up with a good idea, they just want a government that works for – rather than against - them,” said Wilk. “I look forward to working with my colleagues - more interested in collaboration than partisan bickering - to address the very real problems facing California.”

 “Senator Wilk will be a valuable addition to the Caucus, bringing with him a welcomed new perspective and wealth of experience,” said Senator Josh Newman, Policy Co-Chair of the PSC. “The Problem Solvers Caucus was created two years ago with the belief that the best solutions often come from putting partisan politics aside. I look forward to working closely with Senator Wilk as we continue to pave solutions to real problems facing Californians.”

The California Problems Solver Caucus was formed in 2021 as a bi-cameral (Senate and Assembly) and party-agnostic (Democrats and Republicans) group dedicated to finding solutions and creating results. It is dedicated to reforming the legislative process to foster an environment that encourages, rather than discourages common-sense solutions. 

Some of the ideas include: 

  • A non-partisan Attorney General and Secretary of State;
  • Consolidation and reorganization of California’s more than 200 state agencies, departments and commissions with clear lines of accountability; 
  • A two-year budget cycle, where each even-numbered year the Legislature focuses on oversight of the executive branch and its vast array of departments; 
  • A streamlined legislative process for bills with bipartisan support. 

“Bi-partisan solutions lead to the best public policies and I am looking forward to working with these like-minded legislators,” said Wilk.