Wilk ranked among the best supporters of CA's businesses

SACRAMENTO – Senator Scott Wilk, representing the 21st Senate District, announces he has earned top marks from the California Chamber of Commerce  on its 2020 Vote Record for his efforts to protect jobs and improve California’s business climate.

“What has happened up and down main-street during the pandemic is tragic. Some businesses may not recover at all and that means we have to double down on our efforts to help all segments of our economy get back on its feet,” said Wilk. “I am honored to be on the side of reasonable and responsible policies  that recognize the importance of a thriving economy to our state.”

CalChamber is a non-profit organization representing more than 14,000 companies of all sizes. At the conclusion of each legislative session, the Chamber compiles a scorecard for each legislator based on key business legislation and the legislators’ position/votes on those measures. This year it highlighted 10 bills in the Senate that were deemed a priority, including opposition to a measure that would have made it more difficult for some employers to return employees to the workforce post pandemic (AB 3216 -Kalra).

“Promoting policies that encourage job growth in our state, helping people get back to work post-pandemic, and stopping policies that make it more difficult for businesses to thrive and employ people, remain top priorities,” said Wilk. “I am very honored to be recognized as a staunch supporter of the businesses that drive our economy, employ millions of Californians and help California retain its place in the world as an economic powerhouse.”