Wilk's SCV Water Agency legislation signed into law

SACRAMENTO – Senator Scott Wilk, representing the 21st Senate District, announces Governor Newsom has signed Senate Bill 387 (SB 387), into law. SB 387 was follow-up legislation to SB 634 (Wilk), which created the Santa Clarita Valley Water Agency in 2017.

“I am very glad to see this measure become law and have appreciated the strong bipartisan support we received during the legislative process.  It cleans up some of the technical issues that came about when our new regional water agency was created in 2017,” said Wilk. ”SB 387 ensures SCV Water will continue to operate efficiently and provide excellent service to its ratepayers.”

“We appreciate Senator Wilk’s support through the creation of SCV Water, and now with this clean-up legislation,” said SCV Water’s President, Bill Cooper. “Providing the option to eliminate vacant positions allows us to conduct business in a more cost-effective and efficient manner, which are two of the main goals behind forming a regional water agency.”

SB 634, which created the regional water agency, requires the board of the new agency to reduce its membership total from 15 to nine.  SB 387 addresses technical issues regarding the consolidation of multiple boards of directors when there is a vacancy. The Board will now have the authority to eliminate a vacant position at the Agency, if the seat is already required to be consolidated, rather than holding costly special elections.

The California Society of Municipal Finance Officers (CSMFO) and the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) recognized the Santa Clarita Water Agency’s FY 2018/19 Budget for meeting the highest principles of governmental budgeting.