Wilk: Halt Auto-Renew of No-Bid COVID Testing Lab Contract

Today, Senate Republican Leader Scott Wilk (R-Santa Clarita) delivered a second letter to ensure accountability on a state-funded COVID-19 testing lab. Today’s letter requests the Newsom Administration halt the auto-renewal of the $1.7 billion no-bid contract for a promised final investigative report is released to the public. The contract for the Valencia Branch Lab, PerkinElmer, is scheduled for automatic renewal under the same terms on October 31.

Troubling deficiencies at the Valencia PerkinElmer lab were exposed after whistleblowers exposed shocking failures to CBS 13 in a series of investigative stories. After those stories aired, the Newsom Administration promised a full report by Mid-March, but to date, no report has been made public. Leader Wilk sent this letter to the Newsom Administration on October 12 requesting that the results of the state’s report be shared.

Today’s letter urges the halt of the automatic renewal and can be downloaded here:

Halt Auto-Renew of No-Bid COVID Testing Lab ContractHalt Auto-Renew of No-Bid COVID Testing Lab Contract