Wilk Measures Addressing Student Mental Health and School Violence Head to Senate Floor

Sen. Scott Wilk (R-Santa Clarita) announced his two measures to equip schools with additional tools to address student mental health, campus violence and its aftermath, made it out of the Senate Appropriations Committee and will head to the Senate Floor.

“After the Saugus High School shooting, I was deeply affected while listening to students share stories about the struggles they endure every single day. They face challenges that did not even exist when I was growing up,” said Senator Wilk. “The tragic reality is that no community is immune to what happened at Saugus High. That is why it is so important we not dismiss threats of violence, and ensure our teachers have what they need to help save lives.”

SB 643, known as the “Safe-To-Tell Program,” would empower local school districts to establish a 24/7 crisis line to accept anonymous tips of any suspected dangerous, violent, or unlawful activity/threat to a school.

SB 868 would require each school district, county office of education, and charter school to equip each classroom with a trauma kit beginning in the 2024-25 school year. Each kit would include:

  • One tourniquet
  • One bleeding control bandage
  • One pair of non-latex protective gloves and a marker
  • One pair of scissors
  • Approved Instructional documents

The bills will be eligible for a vote on the Senate Floor Monday May 22, 2023.