Evacuation Preparedness


If you need help after a disaster, please take a look at these brochures for helpful information and resources. My office is also here to help.


After The FireAfter The Fire: What you should know before you rebuild (pdf)

Many homeowners lose their homes or sustain significant property damage in the event of a devastating fire. This brochure contains important information about dealing with your insurance company and hiring building contractors when you are ready to rebuild.


When Disaster Strikes - PlanningWhen Disaster Strikes: Planning (pdf)

Knowing what to do if there’s a natural or manmade disaster in or around your home can save your life and the lives of your family. By planning ahead and taking precautions, you can reduce the potential damage to your home and help your family cope until help arrives.


When Disaster Strikes - RecoveryWhen Disaster Strikes: Recovery (pdf)

Recovering from disaster takes time. Remember, your immediate safety is first and foremost. Try to stay calm and don’t panic; help is on the way. Local officials and relief workers will provide assistance, but it could be hours or even days before they can get to you. Many people lose their homes or sustain significant property damage as a result of a disaster. Knowing where to turn is not always easy to figure out.