Wilk Introduces Bill to Study Feasibility of a CSU Campus in the Victor Valley

Today Senator Scott Wilk (R-Santa Clarita) announced he has introduced legislation to authorize the first step in bringing a new California State University Campus (CSU) to the Victor Valley.

“The High Desert is one of the last affordable frontiers left in California. But as its population grows, students and families still have to make the costly commute down the hill to get to the nearest CSU campus,” said Senator Wilk. “Having a campus in the Victor Valley would create easier and more affordable access to education, create jobs, and alleviate overcrowding at other campuses. Simply looking at what’s possible is long overdue.”

Senate Bill 1023 would authorize the CSU Chancellor to conduct and submit to the Board of Trustees a study about the feasibility of an independent CSU campus in the High Desert.

Aside from financial and personal obligations, distance from state universities is a large factor keeping students in rural regions from pursuing a bachelor’s degree. The closest CSU campus to the Victor Valley is currently CSU San Bernardino. Depending on the time of day, the drive on I-15 can take at least an hour each way.

“Just because we’re in the desert doesn’t mean we need to be an educational desert. The Victor Valley is full of opportunity and potential, with more families and business flocking to the region each year. A CSU campus would not just benefit them, it would also make it easier for students in surrounding communities to pursue higher education. This bill is just the beginning,” concluded Wilk.