Wilk Urges CPUC to Think Twice Before Allowing AT&T to Cut Landlines

Today Sen. Scott Wilk (R-Santa Clarita) sent a letter to the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), calling on the agency to exercise caution as it reviews AT&T’s request to end landline service in California, and take into account critical needs of senior citizens and residents living in rural and mountain communities.

“In areas where cell service is not an option, a landline is a lifeline. It is the only way rural residents can reliably connect to first responders, family, and vital information,” said Senator Wilk. “They deserve an in-person opportunity that isn’t three hours away to voice their concerns. Before the CPUC allows AT&T to cut the cord, I ask that they proceed carefully and thoughtfully, so as not to pass down exorbitant costs and ensure people will not be cut off from communication.”

In March 2023, AT&T submitted an application to the CPUC to remove the company’s obligation under California law to provide traditional landline phone service – known as Carrier of Last Resort (COLR).

The CPUC will hold a virtual hearing on the matter from 2-6pm on March 19th. There is an in-person hearing on March 14th, however it is nearly a three hour drive south in Indio.

In his letter, Senator Wilk requested that the agency hold a closer in-person hearing for potentially impacted residents to learn more and share their concerns.

The final hearing will be on March 19, however it is unknown if the CPUC will make a decision that day.

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